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LEARN TO GRAFT YOUR OWN FRUIT TREES   Sat., May 6,9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Debra, a new member in Lunenburg County Nova Scotia thought that some folks might be interested in this grafting workshop. It is more specifically about fruit trees, but the principals are similar.

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Recreation Guide Spring 2017

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Most fruits do not “come true to seed.” That is a seed from a McIntosh apple will not grow into a tree which produces Macintosh apples; one must graft a shoot from a McIntosh tree onto a suitable root to get such a tree. This hands-on workshop will cover two distinct situations: I) how to graft a new tree, using a size-controlling rootstock. Participants will be able to take home their own apple trees, grafted to their choice of variety, for planting. 2) how to “topwork” an existing tree, such as an abandoned apple tree on their own property, that is grafting one - or many - new varieties onto a mature tree, making a tree which bears the new variety or varieties. Dr David Maxwell is passionate about the importance of preserving the old varieties of apples, many of which are no longer available commercially, and the varieties he will supply for the workshop are drawn from his own collection of antique varieties. However, participants are also encouraged to bring their own scion wood from any apple trees which they may wish to preserve and reproduce. (In this instance, they should contact Dr. Maxwell, 902-766-0305, during the winter to obtain guidance on how and when to cut their grafting wood.) The workshop fee includes the cost of all necessary materials (rootstocks, scions, tools and grafting materials) which will be supplied.

Please bring a sturdy utility knife (type used for cutting wallboard) and lunch.

Instructor Bio: Dr. David Maxwell is an amateur apple grower with his own small orchard in Middle Lahave, where he grows 50 different varieties of apples, most of which are antique varieties.

Sat., May 6,9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

LaHave Berry Farm, 5216 Hwy 332, Middle LaHave $34.78 + $5.22 HST = $40